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Living Gluten Free

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Breakfast in class because I was running late, baby kale mix with a banana and some pineapple.

Breakfast, 1 egg 1 sausage in a corn tortilla with skinny tea. Wasn’t feeling very hungry this morning


I think I’m a little obsessed….

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From this point forward, I promise to give my health 110%. I promise to take my fitness journey seriously. No more “starting tomorrow.” I promise to start “today.” I promise to stay committed, and never get up. It’s time to get serious.


Still feelin this today

Tried Almond Dream vanilla almond milk yogurt this morning..

its very sweet.. I added some peanut butter KIND granola and that helped.. so used to unsweetened yogurts now!

Hi everyone! I’m officially back at school, moved into my new apartment and very happy!

I will now be getting back on schedule and figuring things out as far as my life, rugby, and classes go.Β 

I will be posting everyday!!!! I am sorry I have been MIA